Emotions are running wildly free
Your uniqueness is making me liking thee
You are like the Queen and I the warrior bee
Your voice is showing showing your smile with glee

Emotions running high and low
This friendship started I’m definitely giving a go
And the facts will prove me myself aint following the flow
Your laughter and smile gives you an exquisite glow

Emotions my friend what are you doing to me
What are you possibly trying to tell me
You saw what happened she is still talking you see
Making me smile natural and freely

Emotions are you going to give her away?
Or might you keep her in my life to stay
She is way too beautiful anyway
These words running in my thoughts today
U made me to realize you’re special so still I pray
Hope these words made you smile this morning …
and you’re not running away

Hannes Grové
(Don’t get this wrongly. But as a writer I took this risk to make you smile inside very deeply). You had to be included sussa I thought of u as well while writing this u were my best friend once upon a time … so I will die if that choice made you live.

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