For 6 years I cried
As I saw my father beginning to die
Why dear Lord my prayer You denied
My heart is torn, my soul is gone
Why hast Thou taken him? What has he done?
My little lad, just believe and receive

For 6 years I cried from the beginning the start
When I watched my mother falling apart
She loves him my dad with her tender heart
Nothing escapes Thee my tearful eyes
My Lord, my Father—You’re gonna let her say her goodbyes
My little lad, just believe and be glad

For 6 years I cried—no, no goodbye
Even the time would come and my Elijah would die
In tears on the floor, in tears at his door
In heaven my child your father be restored

In the 6th year my daddy did die
My Elijah, my Elijah, dear Lord I did cry
The Voice came near The Voice came clear
Don’t be sad my son, your daddy is here
Why doest thou cry? Why doest thou fear?
Make ready the harvest Jesus cometh my dear

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