George Muller and an Agnostic

George Muller of Bristol went one day to preach in the Free Assembly Hall, Edinburgh, and the place was packed to overflowing. A well-known agnostic, inspired by curiosity, pressed his way into the hall. Just when the preacher began to deliver his address, a young mother attempted to leave the building because her baby began to cry rather loudly, but the crowd was so great that exit was impossible. Mr. Muller came at once to the troubled mother’s help by saying: `Will that dear mother sit down, and we shall ask Jesus to put baby to sleep.’ The mother quietly took her seat, and the great assembly reverently bowed their heads while Mr. Muller prayed as follows: ‘Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, be pleased to put this baby to sleep.’ Immediately the child went to sleep, to the evident astonishment of the audience. The agnostic was startled beyond measure and said to himself, ‘If that man has a God like that, it is time for me to seek Him’: and under the power of the Holy Spirit he sought and found George Muller’s God. He became a true Christian and an earnest advocate of the faith he so long tried to destroy, and God used him in winning many souls to Christ. When his work was finished, he fell asleep in Jesus in a hospital in Edinburgh. (1 Thess. 1. 9; 1 John 4. 8)  

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