Glorious Saviour of my soul,
I lift it up to thee;

Glorious Saviour of my soul,
I lift it up to thee;
Thou hast made the sinner whole,
Hast set the captive free;
Thou my debt of death hast paid,
Thou hast raised me from my fall,
Thou hast full atonement made;
My Saviour died for all.

What could my Redeemer move
To leave his Father’s breast?
Pity drew him from above,
And would not let him rest;
Swift to succour sinking man,
Sinking into endless woe,
Jesus to our rescue ran,
And God appeared below.

God, in this dark vale of tears,
A man of griefs was seen;
Here for three and thirty years
He dwelt with sinful men.
Did they know the Deity?
Did they own him, who he was?
See the friend of sinners, see!
He hangs on yonder cross!

Yet thy wrath I cannot fear,
Thou gentle, bleeding Lamb!
By thy judgment I am clear,
Healed by thy stripes I am;
Thou for me a curse wast made,
That I might in thee be blest;
Thou hast my full ransom paid,
And in thy wounds I rest.


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