Roy Daniel and Stafford Finnimore

1.      When all before me was darkness,
And sin was the conqueror of me,
His light shone upon my pathway,
And now I am gloriously free.

Glory, Oh  glory,
Jesus abides in me, in me.
Precious Redeemer,
I find completeness in Thee.

2.      When thinking of all of my past sin,
He dealt with on Calvary's tree,
The glory that is due to Jesus,
Is the glory abiding in me.

3.      Our Savior was nailed to the Cross there,
He hung on the cruelest of trees
His blood flowing for our redemption
Oh! How could He do that for me!

4.      In heaven we'll be there for ever,
With Jesus our Savior and King.
All tears will be wiped off completely,
While eternal praises will ring.

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