Sometimes the things I see or hear
    Wake feelings deep inside,

Sometimes the things I see or hear
     Wake feelings deep inside,
And make old mem’ries reappear
     That I had tried to hide.

The buried thoughts thus brought to mind
     That time cannot erase
Give pain I’d rather leave behind,
     But now by faith embrace.

There is no sin in feeling pains
     That tear the soul apart. —
It proves that blood flows through my veins;
     I have a beating heart.

But near that pain temptation lurks
     A bitter root to sow,
And, oh, how swift the evil works,
     If given room to grow!

From bitterness, revenge, and hate,
     My heart and lips refrain,
For God — on whom by faith I wait —
     Will heal recurring pain.

Like Joseph, I embrace the good
     That God intends I see,
Not looking at the evil brood
     Whose ways have wounded me.

The men who seem to cause my grief
     Or try to make me fall
Can’t turn me from the firm belief
     That God is over all.

~ Nita Brainard

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