People judge their own goodness and badness by how they compare to society around them. But society is drifting ever further into moral decay — a tragic development which started in the 1800’s and accelerated in the 1960’s. So when people judge their state in this manner, they are comparing themselves to their fellow drifters.

Those drifting in harmony with the climate around them are regarded as good. Those drifting in a religious boat are regarded as really good. Those traveling downstream into unbelief and moral decay faster than the cultural norm are regarded as bad. Those racing downstream are regarded as really bad. Those swimming upstream, seeking to pattern their beliefs and lifestyle after the Bible rather than their culture are regarded as strange.

But going with the flow is a dangerous matter. First of all, society is not the standard for goodness. God’s righteousness is the standard. If we don’t have his righteousness, we are bad. Secondly, going with the flow is “the broad road” which leads to destruction. Dear readers, everlasting hell is an awfully big price to pay for the temporary approval of others on the same bad road to the same fate.

But if a man is willing to go against the flow, repent of his drifting, and believe on Jesus, he shall have God’s righteousness.

~Lee Brainard, May 30, 2015