Gospel To Be Preached Simply – Charles H Spurgeon

Of the works of a famous alchemist of the thirteenth century, it is said that, ‘whoever would react his book to find out the secret would employ all his labor in vain.’ All the gold makers who have written upon their favorite mystery are in the like predicament, no one can comprehend w the secret is which they pretend to divulge. May we shrewdly guess that if they had any secret to tell they should put it in intelligible language, and that their pompous involved sentences are only a screen for their utter ignorant of the matter? When we hear preachers talking of div things in a style savoring more of metaphysical subtile than of gospel plainness; when the seeking sinner cam find out the way of salvation because of their philosophic jargon, may we not with justice suspect that the preach does not know the gospel, and conceals his culpable ignorant behind the veil of rhetorical magniloquence? Surely if a man understood a matter so important to all his hearers the way of salvation, he would feel constrained to tell it all in words which all might comprehend.