Grounding in the Word
A fella once said to me, “These cults and false religions have taken almost all the people I have.” I replied “That’s your fault. If you had founded them in the Word, they wouldn’t have run.”
A traveling man rode up to the farmer’s door and said, “Your hogs have gone crazy. I watched them a while ago, and they ran squealing across the field to the other side and then they turned around and came squealing around back to this side.” The old farmer said, “No, they’re not crazy, but last winter I lost my voice and I couldn’t call my hos except by beating on the fence with a stick. And this summer, these everlasin’ peckerwoods have run my hogs to death.”
If you’ll get your people grounded in the Word, they won’t run after every religious peckerwood that comes through the country.
-p. 108
Just a Country Preacher, B.R. Lakin, by Angela E. Hunt, no publisher, nd. (Lakin lived 1901-1984.)

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