The God that stopped the  sun on high,
And sent the manna from the sky,
Laid flat the walls of Jericho,
And put to flight told Israel’s foe.
Why can’t He answer prayer today,
And drive each stormy cloud away?
Who turned the water into wine,
And healed a helpless criple’s spine—
Commanded tempests, “Peace be still.”
And hungry multitudes did fill,
His power is just the same today.
So why not labor, watch and pray?
He conquered in the Lion’s den,
Brought Lazarus back to life again.
He heard Elighah’s cry for rain,
And feed the sufferers from pain.
If He could do those wonders then,
Let’s prove our mighty God again.
Why can’t the God Who raised the dead,
Gave little David Goliath’s head—
Cast out the demons with a word,
Yet sees the fall of one wee bird—
Do signs and miracles today,
In that same good old-fashioned way?
HE CAN. He’s just the same today.
If we believe God when we pray,
He’s now respecter now, of men,
He’ll do the same as he did then.

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