He thought he’d won
the devil smiled
And rubbed his hands with glee
The maker of the world was dead
Hanging on a tree.
“The world is mine
I own it now,
I finally won,” he cried.
He didn’t know he’d lost it all
The day that Jesus died—
Two days he smiled
His heart was light
Now man was his alone—
Then words that echoed through the years,
turned his heart to stone
“For God so loved
the world, He gave
His only Son to die—
But on the third day He would rise,
give man eternal life.”
That Sunday morn
He waited there
As darkness changed to light
Then terror seared his burning heart
And anguish filled his eyes . . .
The empty tomb—
He’s risen!
It can’t be true,” he cried,
He finaly learned, he’d lost it all
The day that Jesus died . . .

Velma Dawson Griffis