The angel touched my arm and spoke,
And startled by his voice, I woke.
“Get up,” he said,”There comes the sun–
Another day has just begun!”
And with this most unsavory warning
I realized that it was morning.

I frowned and cried: “O bitter cup!
I am so tired of getting up!
Oh, how I long for that glad day
When you’ll no longer come and say:
‘The sun is up, the day is dawning;
Now rise and shine, for it is morning!'”

“Perhaps,” said he, “you’ll come along
And let me show you that vast throng,
That multitude who can but lay
 And keep their beds day after day?”
“Oh, no,” said I, “I’ll not be going!”
But through the air we soon were flowing.

In one swift flash ‘mid groans and glooms
I looked into ten thousand rooms,
Where lay the sick, the halt, the blind–
The weak and suffering of mankind.
I saw their months and years of lying,
I saw their tears, and heard their sighing.

In horror I recoiled and said:
“What endless years the spend abed!
How tired and tedious their days,
Their nights what long and bitter maze!”
I hear the little children crying,
I saw the gasping of the dying.

In tears I thought it could not be,
That tese were bound, and I was free.
I cried,”O Lord, forgive my pleas
To lie in bed and take my ease!”
I felt a touch—I had bee dreaming—
There stood my angel friend abeaming!

“Get up!” said he, “There is the sun;
Another day has just begun.
There are so many things to do,
And so I came to waken you!”
With happy shout my room resounding,
I leaped into the day rebounding!

Horace Mohler


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