Written by THEUNIS, JOHANNES CLOETE  [email protected]


                             HIS LOVE WILL KEEP YOU STRONG …


Surely the Lord has done great things!

Don’t be afraid My people.

Be glad now and rejoice

For the Lord has done great things!


Plant the good seeds of righteousness,

And you will harvest a crop of Love.

Plough up the hard ground of your hearts,

For now is the time to seek the Lord,

That He may come

And shower righteousness upon you.

The trees will again be filled with fruit:

Fig trees and grapevines will be loaded down once more.

In every season of your life

You will bear Fruit in abundance

For you are planted on the Rock Jesus Christ

I pray that He will empower you with inner strength through His Spirit.

Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you Trust in Him.

Your roots will grow down into God’s Love and keep you strong.

The godly will flourish like palm trees

And grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon

Even in old age they will still produce Fruit;

They will remain vital and green.

They will declare: “The Lord is Good – Faithful and Just”

In Him I live and He lives in and through me.

Holy is Your Name my God.