How happy are we
Who in Jesus agree

How happy are we
Who in Jesus agree
To expect his return from above!
We sit under our Vine,
And delightfully join
In the praise of his excellent love.

How pleasant and sweet,
In his name when we meet,
Is his fruit to our spiritual taste!
We are banqueting here
On angelical cheer,
And the joys that eternally last.

Invited by him,
We drink of the stream
Ever flowing in bliss from the throne:
Who in Jesus believe,
We the Spirit receive
That proceeds from the Father and Son.

The unspeakable grace
He obtained for our race,
And the Spirit of faith he imparts;
Then, then we conceive
How in heaven they live,
By the kingdom of God in our hearts.

True believers have seen
The Saviour of men,
As his head he on Calvary bowed:
We shall see him again,
When, with all His bright train,
He descends on the luminous cloud.

We remember the word
Of our crucified Lord,
When he went to prepare us a place;
"I will come in that day,
And transport you away,
And admit to a sight of thy face."

With earnest desire
After thee we aspire,
And long thy appearing to see,
Till our souls thou receive
In thy presence to live,
And be perfectly happy in thee.

Come, Lord, from the skies,
And command us to rise,
Ready made for the mansions above;
With our Head to ascend,
And eternity spend
In a rapture of heavenly love.


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