Arise, my soul, arise,
       Thy Saviour’s Sacrifice!

     Arise, my soul, arise,
        Thy Saviour’s Sacrifice!
All the names that love could find,
     All the forms that love could take,
Jesus in Himself has join’d,
     These, my soul, His own to make.

         Equal with God Most High,
        He laid His glory by:
He, the’ Eternal God, was born,
     Man with men He deign’d to’ appear,
Object of His creature’s scorn,
     Pleased a servant’s form to wear.

         Hail, Everlasting Lord,
        Divine, Incarnate Word!
Thee let all my powers confess,
     Thee my latest breath proclaim;
Help, ye angel choirs, to bless,
     Shout the loved Immanuel’s name.

         Fruit of a virgin’s womb,
        The Promised Blessing’s come:
Christ, the fathers’ Hope of old,
     Christ, the Woman’s conquering Seed,
Christ, the Saviour! long foretold,
     Born to bruise the serpent’s head.

         Refulgent from afar
        See the  bright Morning-star!
See the Day-spring from on high
     Late in deepest darkness rise;
Night recedes, the shadows fly,
     Flame with day the opening skies!

      Our eyes on earth survey
        The dazzling Shechinah!
See the Day-spring from on high
     Late in deepest darkness rise;
Night recedes, the shadows fly,
     Flame with day the opening skies!

         He shines on earth adored,
        The Presence of the LORD:
God, the mighty God and true,
     God by highest heaven confess’d,
Stands display’d to mortal view,
     God supreme, for ever blest.

         Jesu! to Thee I bow;
        The’ Almighty’s Fellow Thou!
Thou the Father’s only Son;
      Pleased He ever is in Thee;
Just and holy Thou alone,
     Full of grace and truth for me.

         High above every name,
      Jesus, the great I Am!
Bows to JESUS every knee,
     Things in heaven, and earth, and hell;
Saints adore Him, demons flee,
     Friends and men and angels feel.

         He left His throne above,
        Emptied of all but love:
Whom the heavens cannot contain,
     God, vouchsafed a worm to’ appear,
Lord of Glory, Son of Man,
     Poor, and vile, and abject here.

         His own on earth He sought,
        His own received Him not:
Him, a Sign by all blasphemed,
     Outcast and despised of men,
Him they all a madman deem’d,
     Bold to scoff the Nazarene.

         Hail, Galilean King!
        Thy humble state I sing;
Never shall my triumphs end;
     Hail, derided Majesty,
Jesus, hail! the Sinner’s Friend,
     Friend of Publicans—and me!

         Thine eye observed my pain,
        Thou Good Samaritan!
Spoil’d I lay and bruised by sin,
     Gasp’d my faint, expiring soul;
Wine and oil Thy love pour’d in,
     Closed my wounds, and made me whole.

         Hail the life-giving Lord,
        Divine, Engrafted Word!
Thee the Life my soul has found,
     Thee the Resurrection proved:
Dead, I heard the quickening sound,
     Own’d Thy voice; believed, and loved!

         With Thee gone up on high
        I live, no more to die:
First and Last, I feel Thee now,
     Witness of Thy empty tomb;
Alpha and Omega, Thou
     Wast and art, and art to come!

~ Wesley