I can safely rely
     On a Friend who would die

Psalm 4; 6 – 8     

      I can safely rely
      On a Friend who would die
For to ransom an enemy’s soul.
      With a Savior like this,
      It is heavenly bliss
To yield all to Your faithful control.

      I’ve no reason to fear,
      For I know You will hear,
And I know You will do what is right.
      In Your goodness and grace,
      You will show me Your face,
And Your countenance radiates light.

      I can trust and be still,
      For my cup You will fill,
And with gladness You’ll strengthen my heart.
      Though I see no increase,
      I will lie down I peace,
Having safety and rest for my part.

     All my will I resign,
     To abide in the vine,
Yielding all to the pruner’s control.
      Taking life from the root,
      I will surely bear fruit,
And have fullness of joy for my soul.

~ Nita Brainard

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