Motto placed under a picture of our Saviour in the study of a German Divine.

I gave My life for thee,                    Gal 2:20
   My precious blood I shed,            1 Pet. 1:19
That thou might’st ransomed be,     Eph 1:7
   And quickened from the dead       Eph 2:10
I gave My life for thee;                    Tit. 2:14
What hast thou given for Me?          John 21:15-17

I spent long years for thee              1Tim 1:15
   In weariness and woe,                  Isa. 53:3
That an eternity                              John 17:24
   Of joy thou mightiest know.          John 16:22
I spent long years for thee;             John 1:10,11
Hast thou spent one for Me?           1 Pet. 4:2

My Father’s home of light,              John 17:5
   My rainbow-circled throne,          Rev 4:3
I left for earthly night,                   Phil 2:7
   For wanderings sad and lone.      Matt. 7:20
I left it all for thee;                        2 Cor. 8:9
Hast hou left aught for Me?            Luke 10:29

I suffered much for thee,               Isa 53:5
   More than thy tongue may tell,    Matt 26:39
Of bitterest agony,                        Luke 22:44
   To rescue thee from hell.             Rom 5:9
I suffered much for thee;               1 Pet. 2:21-24
What canst thou bear for Me?         Rom 8:17. 18

And I have brought to thee,           John 4:10, 14
   Down from My home above,        John 3:13
Salvation full and free,                   Rev. 21:6
   My pardon and My love.              Acts 5:31
Great gifts I brought to thee;         Psalm 68:18
   What hast thou brought to Me?   Rom. 12: 10

Oh, let thy life be given,                 Rom 6:13
   Thy years for Him be spent,        2 Cor. 5:15
World –fetters all be riven,             Phil 3:8
   And joy with suffering blent;       1 Pet. 4: 13-16
I gave Myself for thee:                   Eph 5:2
Give thou thyself to Me!                Prov. 23:28

~Frances Havergal