Rachel Conjurske

I have a friend,
Who’s always near.

I have a friend,
Who’s always near.
He calms the storm,
And cast out fear.

He stays by me,
Through thick and thin.
And with him near,
I always win.

He gives me strength,
When I am weak.
And often comes,
Before I seek.

He’s never busy,
And never late.
He never says,
Oh, please just wait.

He always hears,
Through day and night.
And when he knows,
It seems all right.

I give to him,
My crushing pain.
He lifts it up,
And keeps me sane.

I never see him,
He never talks.
Yet I know he’s here,
And with me walks.

This friend is Jesus,
My Lord and King.
He is the reason,
My heart can sing.


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