Oliver M. Cooke

1.      Say, are you weary? Are you heavy-laden?
Burdened with sorrow, weighted down with care?
Are you in bondage? Do you want deliverance?
Come, then, with me, there is refuge from despair.


I know a fount where sins are washed away,
I know a place where night is turned to day;
Burdens are lifted, blind eyes made to see;
There’s a wonder-working power in the blood of Calvary.

2.      Are you still doubting power to keep from sinning,
Power that can change the heart and make it new?
Are you still longing for a full salvation?
You may receive it and live a life that’s true.

3.      Fettered and bound by chains of self-indulgence
Missing the blessings God on man bestows,
Seeking for joy but only sorrow finding?
Come to the waters where grace and mercy flow.

4.      Wondrous Deliverer! Sin-forgiving Saviour!
Cleanser of hearts! Unfailing Friend and Guide!
No one has ever trusted unavailing,
No one has claimed of His Love and been denied.

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