I deserve to feel God’s wrath;

To have it poured on me like wine.

Death and Hell are in my path;

The curse of sin is justly mine.

But in Christ it isn’t so;

I am forgiven, blessed, and free.

God no longer is my foe;

For Christ has paid the price for me.


    Christ is all I need,

    Christ is all I want,

    Christ is all I have,Hallelujah!


But my pardon isn’t all;

I’m bathed in love without an end;

No more wormwood, no more gall:

For God’s my Father, Christ’s my friend.

Holy, blameless here I stand,

According as he’s chosen me,

Folded in my Father’s hand;

Adopted for eternity.


Lowly as my path may be,

I’m rich in Christ and giv’n a place

Heaven is mine assuredly;

I have the earnest of His grace.

I am on the winning side;

For Christ has conquered every foe;

Sin is vanquished, death has died,

I live— for Christ has made it so.


    ~Ezra Brainard, May 2015