Colossians 1:12-20

We thank you, God, our Father,
   For giving us the One
By whom we’re made partakers
   Of the kingdom of Your Son.
You rescued us from darkness,
   From Satan and his chains,
And moved us to the kingdom
   Where Your Beloved reigns.

In Christ we have redemption,
   Forgiveness of our sins,
Through blood, the blood of Jesus,
   By whom all life begins.
First-born of all creation,
   By Him were all things made,     
For He’s the sum and substance
   Of deity displayed.                       

Created for His glory,
   All things in Him consist.
By Him they were created,              
   And for Him they exist.
He is the resurrection,
   The first-born from the dead;
Of all things the upholder,
   And of the church, the head.

Pre-eminent and holy,
   In Him all fullness dwells.
Through blood He reconciled us,
   And darkness He dispels.
Our Head, our Hope, our Healing,
   In Him all things unite
And manifest His glory
   In everlasting light.

-Nita Brainard



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