Jesu, My Truth, My Way

Jesu, my Truth, my Way,
My sure, unerring light,

Jesu, my Truth, my Way,
My sure, unerring light,
On thee my feeble steps I stay,
Which thou wilt guide aright.

My Wisdom and my guide,
My Counsellor thou art;
O never let me leave thy side,
Or from thy paths depart!

I lift my eyes to thee,
Thou gracious, bleeding Lamb,
That I may now enlightened be,
And never put to shame.

Never will I remove
Out of thy hands my cause;
But rest in thy redeeming love,
And hang upon thy cross.

Teach me the happy art
In all things to depend
On thee; O never, Lord, depart,
But love me to the end!

Still stir me up to strive
With thee in strength divine;
And every moment, Lord, revive
This fainting soul of mine.

Persist to save my soul
Throughout the fiery hour,
Till I am every whit made whole,
And show forth all thy power.

Through fire and water bring
Into the wealthy place;
And teach me the new song to sing,
When perfected in grace.

O make me all like thee,
Before I hence remove!
Settle, confirm, and stablish me,
And build me up in love.

Let me thy witness live,
When sin is all destroyed;
And then my spotless soul receive,
And take me home to God.

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