Jesu, Shall I Never Be

Jesu, shall I never be
Firmly grounded upon thee?

Jesu, shall I never be
Firmly grounded upon thee?
Never by thy work abide,
Never in thy wounds reside?

O how wavering is my mind,
Tossed about with every wind!
O how quickly doth my heart
From the living God depart!

Jesu, let my nature feel,
Thou art God unchangeable:
Speak into my soul thy name.

Grant that every moment I
May believe, and feel thee nigh;
Steadfastly behold thy face,
Stablished with abiding grace.

Plant, and root, and fix in me
All the mind that was in thee;
Settled peace I then shall find;
Jesu’s is a quiet mind.

Anger I no more shall feel,
Always even, always still,
Meekly on my God reclined;
Jesu’s is a gentle mind.

I shall suffer and fulfil
All my Father’s gracious will,
Be in all alike resigned;
Jesu’s is a patient mind.

When ’tis deeply rooted here,
Perfect love shall cast out fear;
Fear doth servile spirits bind;
Jesu’s is a noble mind.

When I feel it fixed within,
I shall have no power to sin;
How shall sin an entrance find?
Jesu’s is a spotless mind.

I shall nothing know beside
Jesus, and him crucified;
Perfectly to him be joined;
Jesu’s is a loving mind.

I shall triumph evermore,
Gratefully my God adore,
God so good, so true, so kind;
Jesu’s is a thankful mind.

Lowly, loving, meek, and pure,
I shall to the end endure,
Be no more to sin inclined;
Jesu’s is a constant mind.

I shall fully be restored
To the image of my Lord,
Witnessing to all mankind,
Jesu’s is a perfect mind.

Philippians ii. 5.

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