Jesu, Take My Sins Away

Jesu, take my sins away,
And make me know thy name!

Jesu, take my sins away,
And make me know thy name!
Thou art now, as yesterday
And evermore, the same;
Thou my true Bethesda be;
I know within thine arms is room,
All the world may unto thee,
Their House of Mercy, come.

Mercy then there is for me,
(Away my doubts and fears!)
Plagued with an infirmity
For many tedious years.
Jesu, cast a pitying eye!
Thou long hast known my desperate case;
Poor and helpless here I lie,
And wait the healing grace.

Long hath thy good Spirit strove
With my distempered soul,
But I still refused thy love,
And would not be made whole;
Hardly now at last I yield,
I yield with all my sins to part;
Let my soul be fully healed,
And throughly cleansed my heart.

Pain and sickness, at thy word,
And sin, and sorrow flies:
Speak to me, Almighty Lord,
And bid my spirit rise!
Bid me bear the hallowed cross,
Which thou, my Lord, hast borne before;
Walk in all thy righteous laws,
And go and sin no more.

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