Jesus, accept the praise
That to thy name belongs;

Jesus, accept the praise
That to thy name belongs;
Matter of all our lays,
Subject of all our songs:
Through thee we now together came,
And part exulting in thy name.

In flesh we part awhile,
But still in spirit joined,
To embrace the happy toil
Thou hast to each assigned;
And while we do thy blessed will,
We bear our heaven about us still.

O let us thus go on
In all thy pleasant ways,
And, armed with patience, run
With joy the appointed race!
Keep us, and every seeking soul,
Till all attain the heavenly goal.

There we shall meet again,
When all our toils are o'er,
And death, and grief, and pain,
And parting are no more;
We shall with all our brethren rise,
And grasp thee in the flaming skies.

O happy, happy day,
That calls thy exiles home!
The heavens shall pass away,
The earth receive its doom;
Earth we shall view, and heaven destroyed
And shout above the fiery void.

These eyes shall see them fall,
Mountains, and stars, and skies!
These eyes shall see them all
Out of their ashes rise!
These lips his praises shall rehearse,
Whose nod restores the universe.

According to his word,
His oath to sinners given,
We look to see restored
The ruined earth and heaven!
In a new world his truth to prove.
A world of righteousness and love.

Then let us wait the sound
That shall our souls release,
And labour to be found
Of him in spotless peace,
In perfect holiness renewed,
Adorned with Christ, and meet for God.


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