I’m going to live for Jesus,
  And fling the world away,
I’m going to give to Jesus
  My life and all to-day.

I’ve done it, Hallelujah!
   And now I pray the prayer
That I may follow “Jesus
  Only,” everywhere.

I’m such a great big sinner,
  And still a bigger fool;
I must keep close to Jesus
  And never leave His school.

My heart’s so full of rapture,
  I know not how to live;
For the joy of being Jesu’s
  I wish I’d more to give.

I think I’ll copy Levi,
  Who gave a dinner once,
To give a chance to Jesus
  To save another dunce.

Oh, won’t it be just “ripping”
  To never leave His side,
To walk and talk with Jesus,
  And all in Him confide?

There is no Friend like Jesus,
  So loving, strong and true,
If I had not His friendship
  I don’t know what I’d do.

No soul in all creation
  Can ever take His place,
But I love all others better,
  Since I have seen His face.

Oh! the joy of knowing Jesus,
  It takes all care away;
I would so love for Jesus
  To fling my life away.

And yet I’d sooner serve Him
  On earth, and suffer loss,
Than have a throne in Heaven,
  For there, there’s not a cross.

I love to fight for Jesus
  And every risk to run,
If there was naught of danger
  It wouldn’t be half the fun.

Such as neglect Christ’s ord’nance
  To fight in lands afar,
Know not the joy of Jesus
  Like those who go to war.

I loved Christ’s ordination,
  Its grand simplicity;
He asked no abstruse questions,
  But only “Lov’st thou Me?”

He asked that once of Peter,
  Who’d just denied Him thrice;
Then gave him his commission
  To preach His sacrifice.

The Gospel of Christ’s salvation
  Is, only His blood can atone;
The secret of walking on water
  Is to look to Christ alone.

The secret of power is simple,
  I must obey God, not man;
It’s naught but incredible folly
  To adopt any other plan.

Christ commissioned His Spirit
  To be Captain of His host;
 I need no other guidance
  Than that of the Holy Ghost.

He’ll brook no interference;
  God is a jealous God;
Christ woo’d and won, and bought me,
  He only is my Lord.

I’ll walk in His blest freedom,
  And follow Him everywhere;
 I’ll trust His word and presence
  And fight without a fear.

Some Christians call me foolish,
  The world declares I’m “fey;”
I’ll wait a little longer
  To see what Christ will say.

“He hadn’t any talents,
  His speech perhaps was odd;
But he did what I commanded,
  He rendered all to God.”

I’d like to hear Him say that,
  Tho’ there’s little chance of such;
But I don’t care a blow for the mud folks throw,
  ‘Cause I’m not like a parson in church.

Some stay at home with good reason
  And some without a cause;
But that coward’s the worst, who stabs in the back
  The man who’s gone to the wars.

But Christ was kissed in the garden
  By the man who had been His friend;
So some I presume will do the same
  Till this world’s come to an end.

There are some who when told to go
  By the great Physician Himself,
Run off to a fallible medical man
  Who puts them on the shelf.

As tho’ they know better than He!
  Or their words were of greater worth!
They forget that the place where Jesus is
  Is the safest spot on earth.

Some want to live too long,
  Tho’ one cannot die too soon;
A day with the Son is worth millions more
  Than a million on earth or moon.

For Jesus is my life,
  And death my greatest gain;
Heaven means joy without alloy,
  On earth we must have pain.

If we really did believe
  The words that Jesus said,
We’d have no fear for the future,
  Nor for our daily bread.

Who knows Christ as his Master
  Is such a splendid fool;
He leaves an earthly Paradise
  And “runs away” to school!

I know very little myself,
  But Jesus knows everything;
So merry of soul I laugh and sing
  Underneath His wing.

Oh! it’s good to belong to Jesus,
  It’s the only life to live;
It’s glorious fun, it’s heaven begun,
  When you’ve got no more to give.

Away with hesitation!
  Man! take the plunge, and try!
Give heart and all to Jesus!
  Then take your wings and fly!

Fly with Christ’s salvation
  To some dark heathen land;
No cause for trepidation,
  Jesus will hold your hand.


Come forth, ye men of Britain,
  In brave Crusader bands;
Up! let us take possession
  Of our Saviour’s promised lands.

~ C. T. Studd