Jesus, Soft, Harmonious Name

Jesus, soft, harmonious name,
Every faithful heart’s desire;

Jesus, soft, harmonious name,
Every faithful heart’s desire;
See thy followers, O Lamb!
All at once to thee aspire:
Drawn by thy uniting grace,
After thee we swiftly run,
Hand in hand we seek thy face:
Come, and perfect us in one.

Mollify our harsher will;
Each to each our tempers suit,
By thy modulating skill,
Heart to heart, as lute to lute:
Sweetly on our spirits move,
Gently touch the trembling strings;
Make the harmony of love,
Music for the King of kings.

See the souls that hang on thee!
Severed though in flesh we are,
Joined in spirit all agree;
All thy only love declare;
Spread thy love to all around:
Hark! we now our voices raise!
Joyful consentaneous sound,
Sweetest symphony of praise.

Jesu’s praise be all our song;
While we Jesu’s praise repeat,
Glide our happy hours along,
Glide with down upon their feet!
Far from sorrow, sin, and fear,
Till we take our seats above,
Live we all as angels here,


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