Luther expresses satisfaction at the decision of the Council at Basle against the Bishop’s vicar. April 1524.

Grace and peace! I have nothing to write, dear brother, except to greet you, and commend myself to your prayers. Joachim, our trusted friend, will tell you everything.

I do not know whether Philip will come to us with the accused, whom I should like to see.

I have written Erasmus, expressing a desire for peace and unity, so that this melancholy spectacle may come to an end, and you will do your best to achieve this. We have had enough of disputing, and both of us have lost our tempers, so it is high time that Christ should come to the rescue, and compel Satan to make way for the Holy Ghost. The decision of the Council and magistrates of Basle against the Bishop’s vicar has delighted me beyond measure. And pray for me. Farewell in the Lord.


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