Job didn't hear of the challenge,
Satan had made to the Lord.

Job didn't hear of the challenge,
Satan had made to the Lord.
Ignorant, fragile, defenceless
Job was when Satan's wrath poured.

Robbed of his wealth, of his children,
Stricken with boils, searing pain,
Would he curse God, end in failure?
Look, he has triumphed again.

Friends were not kind in their comments,
Sin must the cause of this be;
Surely we speak as the guiltless,
Naught like this has happened to me.

Job said he'd pass through the furnace,
Gold that would purified be,
But as the heat kept on coming,
He cried in sheer agony.

When in the end God had spoken,
He said, "Don't you question Me.
I, who great wonders created,
Ask for complete trust in Me."

Job was rewarded and given
Twice as much wealth as the past.
Satan's strong boast was confounded;
Job's faith had triumphed at last.

Perhaps you are part of the challenge;
Satan would have you depart
Far from the faith of the Saviour;
He has laid siege to your heart.

God is expecting and waiting,
Watching with love, tender care.
He set a limit to onslaughts,
How much his child's strength can bare.

Will you be gold in the furnace,
Tried and more purely refined,
Or when the fire is hottest,
Curse God, and step out of line?

God may not tell of the challenge,
But He tells us of His love,
And while the battle is raging,
He's watching on from above.

~ Jenny Daniel