Life and death in the tongue’s mighty grip—
In a short moment it turns to a whip.
Where sweet encouragement is in dire need
It rather breaks down, that sufferers bleed.

In a short second a life has been slain,
Causing destruction again and again,
But in the thoughts which the tongue has put in
There on the pathway where its feet have been.

Ah, what destruction doth lie in the tongue!
Lost are the battles that could have been won!
Brothers and sisters and parents will say,
The tongue has crippled them so much to-day.

But what encouragement lies in the tongue!
How many battles through it can be won!
How many people get up when they fall,
Because sweet counsel was there at their call.

See a tired mother look up with a smile
Because of thank you said once in a while.
See the old granny that chuckles with glee
Because a grandchild had listened, you see.

Sometimes a Scripture encouragement brings,
Lifting the spirit and strengthening wings.
Sometimes its just a kind word said with care
That helps another his burdens to bear.

~Jenny Daniel