Life is not a fairy tale
Nothing lasts forever…
The love in my heart always unclouded
But my love was answered with immorality
With pure adulterated intimation

As if to say I was not enough
That I was unworthy of love and respect
Used like a rag and thrown to the side
I could feel the dagger cut deep inside
The agony inside almost unbearable

My world ripped to pieces
The air stolen from my lungs…
All this in one moment
I have never felt so betrayed

I felt nothing but sadness
Knowing that I meant nothing
But my sadness turned into hatred
My whole being filled with pure rage
An indescribable flame of fury…
The anger turned my soul ice cold

The numbness inside a blessing
Consumed by this hate I feel nothing
Forever and ever…
Meaningless words to me
As I was meaningless to you

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