Looking This Way - J. W. Van DeVenter

Over the river faces I see,

Fair as the morning, looking for me;

Free from their sorrow, grief, and despair,

Waiting and watching patiently there.


Looking this way, yes looking this way,

Loved ones are waiting, looking this way;

Fair as the morning, bright as the day,

Dear ones in glory looking this way.


Father and mother safe in the vale,

Watch for the boatman, wait for the sail,

Bearing the loved ones over the tide

Into the harbor, near to their side.


Brother and sister gone to that clime,

Wait for the others coming sometime;

Safe with the angels, whiter than snow,

Watching for dear ones waiting below.


Sweet little darling, light of the home,

Looking for someone, beckoning, come;

Bright as a sunbeam, pure as the dew,

Anxiously looking, mother, for you.


Jesus the Saviour, bright Morning Star,

Looking for lost ones straying afar;

Hear the glad message, why will you roam?

Jesus is calling, “Sinner, come home.”

J. W. Van DeVenter



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