Lost in a world from eyes hidden
In this place of miracles totally forbidden
Walking past your girl imperfect but forgiven
Loving you secretly—you’re not allowed in the world
I’m currently living in

Lost in this spirit filled world perfectly perfect
Meeting humanity I honestly do not regret
But this place in-between I have to forget
Past and future does not exist
This I still do not get

Lost in a world with sorrowless tears
Happiness pulling me up wiping away my friend Fear
Joy hugging me and love winking to my face
On this mystical magical land is your destined place
The owner known as Grace

Lost in this world made for after forever
The love of Jesus holding you together
In this place of thoughtless space
God Himself will embrace you with endless Grace
Laying on the ground it’s easy for you to see—
This lost world spoken of on my face
Called Heavenly Grace

Hannes Grové
(Gracefully and powerfully in-love with Christ)

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