Master Use Me - Elisha Hoffman, 1905.

Elisha Hoffman, 1905.

1.      Send me forth, oh blessed Master! Where are souls in sorrow bowed,
Send me forth to homes of want and homes of care.
And with joy I will obey the sound and in thy blessed name
I will take the blessed light of the gospel there.

Call me forth to active service And my prompt reply shall be,
“Here am I! send me.” I am ready to report for orders,
Master, summon me, And I’ll go on any errand of love for thee.

2.      There are lives that may be brightened by a word of hope and cheer,
There are souls with whom life’s blessings I should share.
There are hearts that may be lightened of the burdens which they bear;
Let me take the blessed hope of the gospel there.

3.      There is work within the vineyard, there is service to be done.
There’s a message of salvation to declare;
Send me forth to tell the story to the hearts of sinful men.
Let me take the blessed Christ of the gospel there.

4.      Oh, I would not be an idler in the vineyard of the Lord;
With the Christ the vineyard labor I would share;
Into hearts that know not Jesus I would speak the saving word;
Let me take the blessed joy of the gospel there.

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