Modern Generation

In my lengthy study, and deep observation,
I thought, of the great amounts of information.
Of this modern society, culture, and civilization,
That is surrounded with technology and communication.

Affecting different people, in each country and nation,
Yet there is still so much miscommunication.
And so much wrong and distorted information,
That is present in data, knowledge, and education.

Satan knows, where we can fall for sin and temptation,
Through the Internet we can get all kinds of information.
Easily receive data, music, and all sorts of illustrations,
We all have cell phones and computers for communication.

We can easily obtain these gadgets in any location,
And if we cannot stand strong, and resist temptation.
Than Satan can use these ways of communication,
To present us with wrong, evil, and false information.

In this modern time, society, and civilization,
He offers us varieties of travel and transportation.
That will get us quickly to our goal and destination,
And entertainment that is better than our expectations.

There are so many businesses and corporations,
And entire industries are affected by computerization.
Technology is affecting each country and each nation,
So much info is processed daily by telecommunication.

People are searching for fame and reorganization,
With great hunger and strong determination.
They try to find joy in adultery and fornication,
Yielding easily to Satan’s snares and temptation.

Their lives are filled with anger and frustration,
As they search for understanding and admiration.
Satan steals their time, money, and family dedication,
Steals their minds, their thoughts, and concentration.

As they search for power, fame, and clear identification,
Spending their days in laughter and celebration.
Which leads them to poverty, grief, and degradation.
They have no time for God or honest conversation,

They do not have God as their strong foundation,
They cannot withstand sin or all temptation.
They do not turn to God with prayer and supplication,
Forgetting that it all, will lead them to condemnation.

What will become or this modern generation?
Will they turn to God, and find true salvation?
Will they be able to conquer sin and temptation?
And bring the true gospel to each land and nation?
By Martha Petrusevich

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