So God used Moses with only a rod to save
All the Hebrews and perform all those miracles …
But what happened to Moses before he could
Be this powerful tool in God’s hand?

He did “believeth” so he left the palace by faith,
He slew an Egyptian and sin made him flee to the desert…
The vision he got, started by faith, but it ended up in the flesh.
God took Moses to the desert to break him and purify him,

God has to make us into broken men
So that we can be humble enough
To serve the living God, so we can be of use.

It is what can God get out of us.
Not what we can get out of God.
And only a revelation from God
Is a remedy to a broken soul.

Moses said: “I can’t” ― “I am not” ― “I won’t.”
God said: “I CAN” ― “I AM” ―  “I WILL.”

My dear friend, what rod is in your hand??
If you’re saying it’s just a rod!?
In the hand of a broken man it is a rod of God.

Whatever is in your hand my friend…
If you are broken before God the thing in your hand
Can be an instrument of God.

God enjoys the impossible … so when last did God
do an impossible miracle for you?

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