66 books from cover to cover
For me and you His truths to discover
The mysteries how God made the planets and earth
And the questions where were you when I created thee from your birth?
And where hast thou been when this planet grounds I have cursed
Why do you not believeth in my words?

66 books from cover to cover
To show us the way to our one real Lover
The Creator who loves so much He sent His only Son
Jesus said I’ll die for them it will be done
But humanity loves the world and love for God basically none

66 books from cover to cover
Prophecies made and revelations uncovers
That the end is near and the end is real
And on that judgment day God might to you just say

I gave you prophets, preachers and the Bible but still you said nay
You believeth me not but the deceiver’s way
I know you not in Heaven you cannot stay,
Take this sinner away in brimstone he’ll pay

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