There are a thousand snares on every hand,

That hinder progress to the promised land,

It’s Satan’s plan that’s meant for crime

But none the less I higher climb

For every test is by my Father planned.


I want to be a soldier of the cross,

And let my savior separate the dross.

I want to do it with a smile,

For he is with me all the while,

And helps me count my earthy gain as loss.


I want to live above reproach and shame.

I want to honor Jesus and his name.

So, Father, teach me how to pray,

And help me walk the narrow way,

Grant me the grace to live the life I claim.


My heart, my life, my all I consecrate.

And gladly lay aside each earthly weight.

My self and sin I crucify.

Lord, help me all my flesh deny

And set my sight to enter Heaven’s Gate.


~Ezra Brainard