We wept — ’twas Nature wept, but Faith

Can pierce beyond the gloom of death,

2 Cor. 4: 17, 18


We wept — ’twas Nature wept, but Faith
Can pierce beyond the gloom of death,
And in yon world, so fair and bright,
Behold thee in refulgent light!
We miss thee here, yet Faith would rather
Know thou art with thy heavenly Father.
             Nature sees the body dead —
             Faith beholds the spirit fled;
             Nature stops at Jordan’s tide —
             Faith beholds the other side;
             That but hears farewell and sighs,
             This, thy welcome in the skies;
             Nature mourns a cruel blow —
             Faith assures it is not so;
             Nature never sees thee more —
             Faith but sees thee gone before;
             Nature tells a dismal story —
             Faith has visions full of glory;
             Nature views the change with sadness —
             Faith contemplates it with gladness;
             Nature murmurs —Faith gives meekness,
             “Strength is perfected in weakness;”
             Nature writhes, and hates the rod —
             Faith looks up and blesses God;
             Sense looks downwards — Faith above;
             That sees harshness — this sees love.
             Oh! let Faith victorious be —
             Let it reign triumphantly!

             But thou art gone! not lost, but flown!
             Shall I then ask thee back, my own,
             Back — and leave thy spirit’s brightness?
             Back — and leave thy robes of whiteness?
             Back — and leave thine angel mould?
             Back — and leave those streets of gold?
             Back — and leave the Lamb who feeds thee?
             Back — from founts to which He leads thee?
             Back — and leave thy heavenly Father?
             Back — to earth and sin? —Nay; rather
             Would I live in solitude!
             I would not ask thee if I could;
             But patient wait the high decree,
             That calls my spirit home to thee!

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