No one laughs at God, in a hospital room…
Or when standing, beside a grave or a tomb.
No one laughs at Him in the raging war…
When suddenly faced before, eternity’s door.


No one then, thinks to laugh and call Him a liar…
No one is laughing at Him in a quenching fire.
Not one will laugh when caught in a raging storm…
When lost in the whiteness of a freezing snowstorm.

Or when hunger strikes and famines arise,
In prayer they turn to God, to the lofty skies.
When the earth trembles and then starts to quake,
They suddenly realize their foolish mistake.

Their taunts, suddenly change into weeping,
They know what exactly they will be reaping.
The haughty mask suddenly flies from their face…
As they struggle that thin thread of hope to embrace.

When dreams and plans have started to shake,
When suddenly seeing their life is at stake.
When diagnosed with a deadly tumor or cancer,
They cry out to God, in hope for an answer.

When their body is weak and life is so frail…
When death is nearing their faces turn pale.
Then hope in a God, suddenly begins to gleam…
Faith in God, into their hearts starts to stream.

Hoping there’s help and healing for illness…
And a quiet prayer is then heard in the stillness.
Waiting for an answer in fear and suspense,
There is no laughing, foolishness or nonsense.

No one then mentions that is God a legend or tale,
When suddenly facing bandits on a narrow trail.
No one will exclaim that God, is for the insane,
When struggling for life in agony and pain.

When hearing a fatal diagnosis from a physician …
They suddenly forget their negative disposition.
About God and faith and judgment day nearing,
They turn to God, with trembling and fearing.

When one’s eyes meet the executioner awaiting…
He suddenly freezes to see eternity waiting…
There are few, who would think to argue or dispute,
Why he suddenly become silent and mute.

The foolishness, laughter, mockery, and scorning,
Lose their point, and will someday lead to mourning.
When you suddenly realize there is no second to spare,
To turn to God, with full repentance and prayer.

There is no time to change, your life or behavior
To call for forgiveness to Jesus the Savior …
You’re in a car … You turn in a bend …
Then a hard crash … and that is the end …

Something like that can happen to either you or me…
On the verge of death or hell you can suddenly be.
How can you scorn and such behavior allow?
How do you know, when laughing right now?

That tomorrow may never come again to you…
For God, can decide to put an end to what you do.
What will happen to you, when that moment arrives?
When you have to meet the Great God in the skies…

You might laugh lightly, right now at this all…
Thinking that your sins are so very small.
Laughter comes easily with sinful thought …
When in the whirlwind of foolishness one is caught.

And under the approving gaze of drunken friends,
Life seems full and complete, knowing no ends.
But God still waits, granting the breath of life,
Waiting for you to give up distress and strife.

He waits so patiently, giving you another chance…
To see reality, to wake up from your stupor and trance.
Yet you keep on living the way that you do…
Thinking that this God and life now isn’t for you.

His boundless grace is sufficient, so full and so free,
He paid with his blood for it all on that tree.
Yet if my choice is not made, not willing to see…
Then someday it may be… oh too late for me!!!
By Martha Petrusevich

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