No Room for God, Oh Christian
No room for God, Oh Christian?
Your life has crowded grown.
You filled it up with mundane things;
You govern it alone.

The Master has been ousted.
Your heart He does not own.
And so you selfishly stride on,
Wrapped in yourself alone.

‘Tis true the child of God may grieve
The Spirit every day,
Because in many areas
He does not have full sway.

The haunting words , No room describe
The tragedy that you
Have mapped your life and steered your course
As captain, ship and crew!

Make room, make room , Oh Christian!
Your Master pleads to-day.
Your dreams, your plans, your friends, your time
Before the Saviour lay.


No Room – the Agnostic and Sceptic
No room for God , the sceptic says.
In this enlightened age.
God is a figment of the mind,
Developed stage by stage.

No room for God, the agnostic cries.
He is a myth of man,
This fleeting life will end in death
And earthbound, human span.

No room for God – what awakening
When you stand before His throne
And face God’s wrath and judgment,
You’ll writhe and cry and groan.

~Jenny Daniel