"There is no rose without a thorn!"
Who has not found this true,

"There is no rose without a thorn!"
Who has not found this true,
And known that griefs of gladness born
Our footsteps still pursue!

That in the grandest harmony
The strangest discords rise;
The brightest bow we only trace
Upon the darkest skies!

No thornless rose!  So, more and more,
Our pleasant hopes are laid
Where waves this sable legend o'er
A still sepulchral shade.

But Faith and Love, with angel-might,
Break up life's dismal tomb,
Transmuting into golden light
The words of leaden gloom.

Reversing all this funeral pall,
White raiment they disclose;
Their happy song floats full and long,
"No thorn without a rose!"

"No shadow, but its sister light
Not far away must burn!
No weary night, but morning bright
Shall follow in its turn.

"No chilly snow, but safe below
A million buds are sleeping;
No wintry days, but fair spring rays
Are swiftly onward sweeping.

"With fiercest glare of summer air
Comes fullest leafy shade;
And ruddy fruit bends every shoot,
Because the blossoms fade.

"No note of sorrow but shall melt
In sweetest chord unguessed;
No labor all too pressing felt,
But ends in quiet rest.

"No sigh but from the harps above
Soft echoing tones shall win;
No heart-wound but the Lord of Love
Shall pour His comfort in.

"No withered hope, while loving best
Thy Father's chosen way;
No anxious care, for He will bear
Thy burdens every day.

"Thy claim to rest on Jesus' breast
All weariness shall be,
And pain thy portal to His heart
Of boundless sympathy.

"No conflict, but the King's own hand
Shall end the glorious strife;
No death, but leads thee to the land
Of everlasting life."

Sweet seraph voices, Faith and Love!
Sing on within our hearts
This strain of music from above,
Till we have learnt our parts:

Until we see your alchemy
On all that years disclose,
And, taught by you, still find it true,
"No thorn without a rose."

~ Frances Ridley Havergal