O God of my salvation, hear,
And help a sinner to draw near

O God of my salvation, hear,
And help a sinner to draw near
With boldness to the throne of grace:
Help me thy benefits to sing,
And smile to see me feebly bring
My humble sacrifice of praise.

I cannot praise thee as I would;
But thou art merciful and good,
I know thou never wilt despise
The day of small and feeble things,
But bear me, till on eagles' wings
To all the heights of love I rise.

I thank thee for that gracious taste,
(Which pride would not permit to last)
That touch of love, that pledge of heaven
Surely on me my Father smiled,
And once I knew him reconciled,
And once I felt my sins forgiven.

My Lord and God I then could see,
My Saviour, who hath died for me,
To bring the rebel near to God;
Thou didst, thou didst, thy peace impart;
Pardon was written on my heart,
In largest characters of blood.

Vilest of all the sons of men,
When I to folly turned again,
And sinned against thy light and love,
Grace did much more than sin abound;
Amazed, I still forgiveness found,
And thanked my Advocate above.

Saviour, for this I thank thee now;
My Saviour to the utmost, thou
Hast snatched me from the gates of hell;
That I to all mankind may prove
Thy free, thine everlasting love,
Which all mankind with me may feel.

The boundless love that found out me
For every soul of man is free,
None of thy mercy need despair;
Patient, and pitiful, and kind,
Thee every soul of man may find,
And, freely saved, thy grace declare.

A vile, backsliding sinner, I
Ten thousand deaths deserve to die,
Yet still by sovereign grace I live!
Saviour, to thee I still look up;
I see all open door of hope,
And wait thy fulness to receive.

How shall I thank thee for the grace,
The trust I have to see thy face,
When sin shall all be purged away!
The night of doubts and fears is past;
The morning star appears at last,
And I shall see the perfect day.


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