O That Thou Wouldst the Heavens Rent

O that thou wouldst the heavens rent,
In majesty come down;

O that thou wouldst the heavens rent,
In majesty come down;
Stretch out thine arm omnipotent,
And seize me for thine own!

Descend, and let thy lightning burn
The stubble of thy foe;
My sins o’erturn, o’erturn, o’erturn,
And make the mountains flow.

Thou my impetuous spirit guide,
And curb my headstrong will;
Thou only canst drive back the tide,
And bid the sun stand still.

What though I cannot break my chain,
Or e’er throw off my load?
The things impossible to men
Are possible to God.

Is there a thing too hard for thee,
Almighty Lord of all,
Whose threatening looks dry up the sea,
And make the mountains fall?

Who, shall in thy presence stand,
And match Omnipotence,
Ungrasp the hold of thy right hand,
Or pluck the sinner thence?

Sworn to destroy, let earth assail;
Nearer to save thou art,
Stronger than all the powers of hell,
And greater than my heart.

Lo! to the hills I lift mine eye,
Thy promised aid I claim;
Father of mercies, glorify
Thy favourite Jesu’s name.

Salvation in that name is found
Balm of grief and care;
A medicine for my every wound,
All, all I want is there!

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