On Thee my heart is resting!
       Ah, this is rest indeed!
What else, Almighty Saviour,
       Can a poor sinner need?
Thy light is all my wisdom,
       Thy love is all my stay;
Our Father’s home in glory,
       Draws nearer every day.

My guilt is great, but greater
       The mercy Thou dost give;
Thyself, a spotless Offering,
       Hast died that I should live.
With Thee, my soul unfettered
       Has risen from the dust;
Thy blood is all my treasure,
       Thy word is all my trust.

Through me, Thou gentle Master,
       Thy purposes fulfill!
I yield myself for ever
       To Thy most holy will.
What though I be but weakness,
       My strength is not in me;
The poorest of Thy people
       Has all things, having Thee.

When clouds are darkest round me,
       Thou, Lord art then most dear,
My drooping faith to quicken,
       My weary soul to cheer.
Safe nestling in Thy bosom,
       I gaze upon Thy face;
In vain my foes would drive me
       From Thee, my hiding-place.

‘Tis Thou hast made me happy,
       ‘Tis Thou hast set me free;
To whom shall I give glory
       For ever, but to Thee?
Of earthly love and blessing
       Should every stream run dry,
Thy grace shall still be with me,
       Thy grace, to live and die!

Theodore Monod