Once has God spoken
 Yeah, twice have I heard,

Psalm 62: 11

Once has God spoken
    Yeah, twice have I heard,
That His is the power—
    It’s writ in God’s word:
Trust not in oppression,
    Trust not in the sword,
For power, all power
     Belongs to the Lord.

Unto Him power,
    Yea, power belongs,
And unto Him mercy,
    And judgement of wrongs.
My God is my refuge
    In Him will I trust.
I know He’ll defend me;
    His judgment is just.

I can do nothing.
    My God is the one;
Christ Jesus is able;
    He speaks, and it’s done.
I'll trust Him forever,
    And trust Him alone.
His strength is made perfect;
    My weaknesss I own.

He is not weary,
    Creator of all,
Though man at his strongest
    Will utterly fall.
His strength He will give me,
    Whose blessing I seek,
For it is His glory
    To strengthen the weak.

~ Nita Brainard