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Keywords: Timothy Conjurske, David Kirk, Mark Greening, Timothy Hargett, Vance Havner, Jack Hunter, Harry Ironside, William Mckdonald, John McGregor, Boyd Nickolson, Sammy Tippet


Audio Sermons Other Speakers. Welcome to the Other Speakers section for the Audio Sermons on Prayerclub. Here you will find some lesser known preachers than our Main Speakers section has. Like the Main Speakers, the Other Speakers are still living and in active ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. They come from a broad background of denominations from around the world. Though they differ in minor points, each of the preachers in our Other Speakers section loves the Lord Jesus and lives for His cause. The audio sermons are neither legalistic nor liberal, and the speakers are biblical in spirit.

To hear messages from men who have passed on to heaven, see the Vintage Speakers section.

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