Pain : What really pains me is the fact that there is so little fire for God left in Christianity.

There are people who are fanatical and spend their life trying to convince others God has made them the final authority in all people’s lives etc.

But alternatively true Christian’s all over seem not excited when you talk of a project for God , soul winning, prayer meetings etc. If their church does it each week it becomes a tradition to them. It is true we cannot live a Christian life on drug emotional driven highs that feel like oozing love driving us to do everything. Faith involves the “sacrifice of praise” and “learning obedience through suffering”…

BUT I urge you if you are truly saved Remember : Yes wisdom is important and forgetting the rules and driving off the road like a fanatic is not the fire I speak of… BUT was there not a time you loved the Jesus who saved you and longed for others to know Him too. Was there not a time when you would have bought a tract before you bought a bigger tv ? Was there not a time when a prayer meeting was where you had this hidden expectancy that God would work, because you had seen His power in the sanctuary of your personal quiet time and longed for men to see the God you knew privately to be the Almighty one ?

Something happened. Others failed you. You failed. Business, Life and entertainment became the staple diet norm. You looked at the giants as being bigger than God . Your own personal weakness and failures made you less excited about the power and pureness of God. You looked for alternative drive for your Christianity in nature or laws or feelings or social church… and along the way you lost something precious – YOUR FIRST LOVE.

There is an answer : There is someone who is an expert at heart’s operations. He has done it many times. The almighty Jesus Christ of whose work I am not ashamed. He restores my soul ( PS 23) and you can come to Him to restore your soul NOT looking at your feelings BUT to who God is in Christ.

Then lend feet to your prayers. Weed your spiritual garden. Don’t just put away your idols in a cupboard, burn them. Restore the paths you have not trodden for a while. Wake up early for a quiet time and get a small group of people together for an alternative prayer meeting. I.e not just the one you go to because you would look bad if you missed. Read your Bible , Pray every day and you will grow grow grow. Work out from the finished work of Christ and not towards Him. There is a loving shepherd to help you step by step.

Feeling down or up is not the issue. You will feel both at different times in life… keeping your heart for God is the issue !!! Roy Daniel

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