Main Poets. Welcome to the Main Poets section of Poetry on Prayerclub. The main poets are English speaking men and women from all ages of the church. Each of the main poets has written poems and hymns which we at Prayerclub judge to be to the honor of the Lord Jesus Christ. Though many of the main poets come from past church history, others of them are still living today. To read poetry from other poets of our own day and from the past, see our Poems section.


Keywords :  Nita Brainard, John Bunyan, Amy Carmichael, Glen Conjurske, William Cowper, Roy Daniel, Jenny Daniel, Frances Ridley Havergal, Reginald Herber, George Herbert, E Hewitt, Henry Francis Lyte, Horatius Bonar , John Newton, Ann Steele, Isaac Watts, John Wesley, Charles Wesley, Poems, poetry




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