Who died in 1558


O God! Though sorrow be my fate,

And the world’s hate

For my heart’s faith pursue me,

My peace they cannot take away;

From day to day

Thou dost anew imbue me;

Thou art not far; a little while

Thou hid’st thy face with brighter smile

Thy father-love to show me.


Lord, not my will, but thine, be done;

If I sink down

When men to terrors leave me,

Thy father-love still warms my breast,

All’s for the best;

Shall man have power to grieve me

When bliss eternal is my goal,

And thou the keeper of my soul,

Who never will deceive me?


Thou art my shield, as saith the Word.

Christ Jesus, Lord,

Thou standest pitying by me,

And lookest on each grief of mine

As if ’t were thine:

What then though foes may try me,

Though thorns be in my path concealed:

World, do thy worst! God is my shield!

And will be ever nigh me.


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